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About us

Buzz Harris, Executive Director

Buzz has worked for more than twenty years in the nonprofit world. He has served on many boards of directors, often as chair of the development committee. Most recently he held the office of Treasurer of MassEquality and the MassEquality Education Fund. He is the former Regional Director of Development at Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) here in Boston, and he has trained hundreds of board members, staffers, and volunteers in fundraising and community organizing skills. He is a veteran trainer, fundraiser, and activist with broad experience in the nonprofit, political, and educational worlds.

Shava Nerad, Faculty Member

Shava Nerad was handing out pledge cards at the annual meeting of her father's church over 40 years ago. Before she was out of high school, she managed the local branch of a nonprofit food co-op, a teen craft cooperative store, and started a political third party in Vermont -- all at the same time. She has been writing small grants as a volunteer from her late teens, and most recently was executive director of an R&D nonprofit with over 80% of its half million dollar budget from her grantwriting, where she managed their sometimes-delicate PR. She is a professional writer, consultant, and entertainer living in Somerville, MA.

Rheua S. Stakely, Faculty Member

For more than twenty years Rheua S. Stakely has helped the staff and boards of dozens of nonprofit and educational institutions across the US. She has conducted workshops, retreats, and strategic planning sessions for the boards of dozens of independent schools, foundations, libraries, Outward Bound chapters, arts organizations, environmental groups, and other nonprofits. She has worked with start-up organizations, venerable institutions, and everything in between. Rheua has plenty of coaching and performing experience as a tennis pro, a nationally ranked squash player, and an amateur musician. She also learned much about quick thinking in difficult situations while climbing the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, Kilimanjaro, and other mountains around the world.